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Audio Alchemy Digest #4

by various

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Side Howdy 30:26
Side Tuba 30:26


Robin James and Cassette Mythos
in association with
HalTapes and Cassette Art Classics

Audio Alchemy Digest #4

This archival reissue of Audio Alchemy Digest #4
originally issued in 1987 by Cassette Mythos
has been authorized by the producer of the cassette
Robin James of Cassette Mythos

The Audio Alchemy Digest was an irregularly published cassette of samples from audio artists around the world, combining music and sounds from the tapes with the voices of the artists themselves, talking about what they do/did and about cassettes in general. It was an ongoing project generated by Cassette Mythos, an information gathering operation whose goal was to publish a now famous book about home-recording and networking.

Side "HOWDY!"

"push the record button..."
Rich and Jonathan Jensen at the carnival with Minóy and Deaf Lions
The Joke Project - child singing
Brian Ladd - "People used to think cassettes were..."
Fat Belly Studios - "bbbthhhhllll.."
Sue Ann Harkey - The Greenhouse Effect "Hurry, it's almost over..."
Joel Haertling, Architects Office
audio logo mixed with some of the Joke Project tape
House of Dogs - blip from Gargoyle Mechanique cassette
Floating World - "Is he going to have a book..."
Rich Jensen "hi"
John Wiggins - bits of Particle Music
One of the things that Cassette Mythos does...
Duncan Campbell - Yaaahoo!
These are the legends of Audio Alchemy...
AM radio talk show excerpt
Sub-Genius Foundation - "Wise up!" from the Media Barrage tape
back to the radio
Simon Butcher - Cretin Productions - "From the mind boggling regions
of the 21st century.."
1984 Op Conference: A Produce, Rich Jensen, Calvin Johnson discuss
cassette recording quality
"See the light, feel the heat..." Ronald Reagan Speaks for Himself
Alain Neffe - tape duplication quality
Architects Office (continued) "Home at the Dome"
Willem de Ridder - "Why you should not you get involved in a radio play..."
Op conference - Calvin Johnson (K) talking about cassettes at
community radio stations
The Jensen Brothers at the carnival. continued
Jeff Greinke - Through Fog (just a moment of the ending)
Jonathan Kline and CT in Mexico
Bump Tiddly Bump Tiddly, Holiday Recipies (excerpts from two
cassettes) Silent But Deadly
Snapshot - "A strange dream of Kathy Mulhiem and Audrey Marrs"
Lakefair Parade in Olympia (1984)
CT and JK in Mexico, continued
Cuts abruptly into Steve Peters talking about a utopian cassette
listing catalog, which came to Cassettera in 1985
Hello collage by Robin James
"Cassette Mythos is going to be a book about a tape recorder and a mailbox"
Whistling postal workers in Africa, contributed by Ron Sakolsky

Side "Tuba"


One electronic drum beat by Harlan Mark Vale - Kramtones
Klaus Groh - AEA - includes Tuba-Piano Talking excerpt
Insane Music Contact blip
Postal workers bitten by dogs - contributed by Jeffrey Bartone
an audio business card by a band called Chuck - Upheaval Records
Leslie Singer
Evan Cantor reminisces about the Walls of Genius project
Architects Office - continued from other side
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - Widemouth tape contribution
Eugene Chadbourne sequence - interview from an appearance in 1985 Los Angeles and live excerpts from "People Want Everything" in Olympia,
improvised orchestra version with Connie Bunyer reciting the aria.
Special recording made with a dying tape recorder.
Hal McGee - Dog as Master - excerpt (Cause and Effect)
Dennis Carlton - song about getting out of here (Green Light Records)
Sound Theater - excerpt from a sampler in the "Feast of Hearing" series
Mike Jackson - Excursion Tapes (spelled kurXzen) contribution,
excerpted, the actual interview will be included in future Audio
Alchemy Digests

liner notes transcribed by Robin James
May 11, 2018
from the giant poster that came with his Cassette Mythos mailings
at the time of Audio Alchemy Digest #4

Cassette Mythos logo by Suzanne Dycus-Gendreau
Screaming Reptilian Hominoid by Barb Warr

The digital audio transcriptions were taken directly from Hal McGee’s personal copy of the cassette.


released May 12, 2018




Cassette Art Classics Gainesville, Florida

Cassette Art Classics features classic DIY tapes of homemade music from the 1980s and 90s at affordable prices. All archival issues are authorized by the original label or the artist.

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