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by Jay T. Yamamoto

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Lo-Fi Side A 24:08
Lo-Fi Side B 24:08


Lo-Fi by Jay T. Yamamoto
Originally released by Noise (NA05), Taiwan, 1995
Cassette release (Chrome C-50) with booklet, limited to 30 copies.
Produced by Fujui Wang & Anes Guo

This archived version was created and uploaded by Hal McGee
with the knowledge, consent, and approval of Jay T. Yamamoto.

Side A

1. A Dirty Fish
from "Listen With Pain"
2. Steelworker
from "Anti-Personnel Muzak"
3. Kurt Cobain In Hell Part One
from "Anti-Personnel Muzak"
4. The Happiness Of Things (Nov. 18, 1978)
from "Anti-Personnel Muzak"
5. Stockhaus End
from "Kollapsing New Music"

Side B

1. The Doors
from "Kollapsing New Music"
2. Back To The Extinction
from "Kollapsing New Music"
3. Saw A Dog
from "Kollapsing New Music"
4. 11-17
from "Lo-Fi Nation"
5. Force The Hand Of Fate
from "Listen With Pain"


released April 20, 2013




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